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About Viblo Cv
Viblo CV is a product of Viblo Platform, a learning platform for Vietnamese people to share their IT knowledge and learn from other people
Viblo CV allows you to create free CVs online according to your preferences, with many beautiful and modern CV templates
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Quickly create a CV in only 10 minutes
Easy maneuvering and altering information
Accurate, effective and fully automated page separation function
Customizable privacy settings to share or public your CV to your targeted audience
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Templates are tailored and optimized for IT positions
Many options to personalize your CV templates according to your preferences and personal needs
Switch between templates easily and quickly
Beautiful and modern CV templates
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Unlimited number of CVs to create
Unlimited CVs to share
Unlimited templates to use
Unlimited icon sets to choose from
All functions are completely free of charge
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Users have full access and ownership of their own data
Viblo CV absolutely does not sell, or share user data with recruitment companies